When the seeker and the sought become ONE there is restfulness.
-Yogarupa Rod Stryker

The spaces we inhabit play an integral role  in our lives, and a thoughtfully designed home provides a place to express ourselves, to rest and to foster our relationships. 

The Essential Home extends beyond paint colors, and throw pillows (although I love those too!). It's an exploration of what matters most to you through self-inquiry, meditation, yoga philosophy, and simple living design and principles. My goal is to help you align yourself and your home with what is MOST essential to you in cultivating a sense of well-being and a space that reflects how you want to feel. 

Together let's create a space that's uplifting, nurturing to all those who enter and that embodies what it is you are seeking. It is my hope that The Essential Home principles and practices will support you in creating your very best life and home.