Simply Thought{FULL}: Authentic Living


Over the past few years I have been thinking about the idea of what makes people happy. I'm not talking about the happy that is fleeting and based on external factors like people or your emotions but the kind of happy that is sustainable and makes you "soul happy". It's the kind of happy that no matter what happens in your day at your core you are genuinely happy and joyful.

This soul searching came about as I read through past journals from when I was in my 20's. To have met me in my 20's you would have said that I was a happy person. Generally I was. Yet, as I read through these old journals I could see that there were often times a sense of dissatisfaction, constant searching for the meaning of life and how I fit in, a yearning for the contentment and peace that I so often read about in my spirituality books. I desired living an "authentic life".

As the 45 year old me reflected on the 20 something year old me it became crystal clear. Here I am now in my forties able to say without a doubt that I am "Soul happy".  Am I happy every second of every day? No. But am I happy everyday...YES!

What I know now that I didn't know then is what it means to live an Authentic Life. I'm sure this may mean different things for different people but this is what is means for me...

"When what matters most to you, your beliefs or as I like to call my "soul essentials" aligns with what you say, do, purchase, think, etc. then you are living authentically and this feels good. When what you say matters most to you does not jive with how you are actually living your life you are not living authentically. This is not a good feeling and don't we just want to feel good more often than not."

For example, if you say that one of your "soul essentials" is fostering nurturing relationships with friends and family yet you work 80 hour weeks and therefore, never have time to spend with the same people you say you want to connect with then you are NOT living with your "soul essentials" as your guide. It has been my experience that not walking the talk causes a sense of discontentment and anxiety. I suffered from terrible anxiety in my 20's that I could never pinpoint the root cause. It is only recently that I figured it out. I realized that I was just so conflicted with the life I wanted to live versus how I was actually living. I was attempting to living authentically but for whatever reason I wasn't always succeeding. I felt like I was always trying and I wasn't just BEing.

When your "soul essentials" are aligned with how you live your life then all you do is no longer an attempt to live authentically but rather just who you are & how you live. 

These are my "soul essentials":

Fostering nurturing relationships with friends and family.

Living creatively

Living a simple, holistic lifestyle

Spiritual Growth

Connecting with Nature

These may change over time. But for now, I take an action every day, no matter how small, that nurtures and nourishes these parts of my life. This ritual of paying attention to my soul essentials is critical to staying in my "soul zone" and feeling deeply fulfilled and happy.

>>In 2016 I will be offering The Soul-Essentials Session, a soul-care workshop to learn how to recognize your core values, or your "soul-essentials" in order to cultivate your highest integrity + truest, sustainable happiness. Together we will learn how to live in alignment with what is most important in our lives. When you live a truly authentic life watch how positivity grows and moves you into your best life!
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