Expansion, vision + intent

Six months ago with the New Moon I planted the seeds. I didn't know exactly how it would all unfold but I began to move into a dream of having a space that encouraged and supported conscious, intentional Living. 

I knew the space and offering I would initially create would be just the beginning and would eventually morph into something else. I found myself-surprisingly- very non-attached to the actual outcome, trusting that things would unfold just as they should. The first incarnation started as a tiny retail shop within a yoga studio. During that time, I observed, researched and learned a lot. After a few months, much thought and tuning into divine support and guidance I knew it was time to move forward. 

"Create what your Soul is asking you to create."

And so with those words ringing in my ears I knew it was time to take the steps towards the next incarnation of my vision. It was time to create an offering to the community-a curation of goods and services that would support people in their own journey and help nurture their own development.

So what is to come next? 

Inspiration photo of Wmn Space in California

Inspiration photo of Wmn Space in California

I am crafting, planning and creating a space for clarity, creativity and consciousness. This space is where we will gather, and be supported in our own journey to wellness and wholeness.

"My Intention is to support people in living more intentionally in all areas of their lives, collaborating with people that inspire me, and sharing that with the world."

What I envision..

a minimalist but warm space
a clear and clean space physically and energetically
offerings that are high vibrational and fully in alignment with the mission of supporting people in feeling uplifted, nourished and being the best possible versions of themselves. 
Offerings that are authentic, grounding and accessible to all, wherever they are on their journey.
a space that allows us to align with our inner wisdom 
...and so much more!

Intentional living is not for hippies.

I think people believe to live an aware or spiritual life it's about yoga poses or meditating for hours on end. To me living a simple, intentional life is about being aware + conscious of our choices, thoughts, actions and behaviors. It's about inquiring daily about what you can do today that will point you in the direction of your best life! 

This Fall, 2017 I will expanding into an offering that will be the most authentic expression of mySELF! I'm both terrified and beyond excited all at the same time which tells me I'm definitely on the right path! 


Living an intentional life is an opportunity to live a life in flow