I've been exploring the idea of Expansion and Contraction in all areas of my life. When I am operating from love and trust I feel an expansion, a flow in my creativity and in my life. My heart feels big and open to all possibilities. I trust my intuition and my path. When I am operating from a place of fear and old, unconscious patterns and stories, the opposite is true. I can physically feel a contraction in my body, especially in my chest and hips. In a state of contraction ideas don't flow as easily, things feel forced and more difficult, doubts creep in telling stories of lack and all kinds of untruths.

My meditation and yoga practice help me to bring awareness to when I'm feeling contracted in my body, mind, heart. From this awareness I can then pause and inquire to see how I can soften. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself to support the process of EXPANSION:

1. Am I stepping outside of my comfort zone on a regular basis or just doing what comes easily for fear of failing?

2. What am I doing today that is different from what I was doing a year ago at this time?

3. What am I creating with my life?

4. Am I using and developing my innate gifts or am I habitually performing the same passionless tasks?

5. Am I living a life of expansion or a life based on fear and avoidance?

May we all have the courage to ask the tough questions even when the answers feel scary and support our expansion. 

How do you support your own expansion? What questions do you ask yourself to guide the expansion process?