The Wisdom of the Heart


Today I embark on a new journey.

It's a journey I began so many, many years ago. Yet, it took this last year of being lovingly attentive to my heart's wisdom that propelled me into this next phase of my life with courage and a fierce KNOWING that I am on the right path. 

Tonight I begin my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training program. I find myself full of emotions, gratitude and so much excitement as I move into my greater mission. 

This is where my heart is leading me and this is what I've come to know and understand by listening closely...

"I will serve as a rich source of inspiration for those who have forgotten their own innate brilliance. I will use yoga, meditation and other wellness practices as a vehicle to help children, men and woman feel strengthened and restored so that they can cultivate their best lives and bring that out into the World. 

I will create and guide workshops, yoga classes-group and private-, and meditation practices to help woman, in particular, understand how important SELF-CARE truly is. Self-care is self-love and self-love is love to their families and the world." 

I feel open to all that is possible.

I know that nurturing my family and home is part of my service, my purpose. The incredible priviledge of caring for my family kept me close to home yet it is time to expand my reach. My creativity, my service to the world, my Soul's Purpose has been re-kindled. 

My service to my family will always be my first and highest privilege but now it's time to no longer be afraid and move into what feels right, right now.

And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new & trust the MAGIC of beginnings.