Soaring gracefully...

Lately I have been feeling a shift. A shift from fear to TRUSTING and KNOWING. In just a few weeks I begin my 200 hour yoga teacher training. When I first made the decision to enter the program, back in October of 2014, I told myself it was to deepen my practice but NOT to actually teach. That was obviously the fear speaking. Through my yoga and meditation practice and personal study, I feel myself moving closer and closer to my highest self. I have a deep soul-desire to share the tools I've learned to elevate my life.

Anything is possible! my heart is open and I feel an expansion in all ways. 

This newly updated site which now includes my yoga and wellness endeavors is me moving into my dreams and my Soul's Purpose to inspire, love & serve. 

I hope you will come along for the ride. 

With love and gratitude,