4+quote Oh so much to share. So, so much...all lovely, and truth {FULL} and heart inspired.

2014 has been so magical. Quite introspective to say the least. This year brought a new city that I'm so smitten with, and new adventures in education for my boy who is my heart and inspiration. It has led me back down a path I began almost 20 years ago and I'm only now feeling brave enough and ready enough to move towards. I feel so securely this is my right time. More on that another time.

The incredible privilege of caring for my family kept me close to home. And now I have re-kindled a love affair with my creativity, my "service" to the world, my soul's purpose. Through a deeper yoga and mediation practice I have gained a clarity like I've never known. It's always been there, just stuck underneath doubts and fears.

It's now time to breathe, create space, EXPAND in all directions and come out of my safe little nest.

"I cultivate trust in my body, in my intuition, and in the flow of my life."-Elena Brower

With so much love & gratitude I say farewell to 2014 and I welcome with much joy 2015!