PicMonkey Collage3My little mr. and I have been spending a lot of time looking for cool science projects. I can't say I ever loved Science as a child. However, now that I spend a lot of time researching learning projects Science is quickly becoming a favorite around here! I spend more time these days on learning sites than I do on shopping sites, ย however this morning I indulged myself with a few minutes of window shopping onย Etsy and came across these beauties!


I love the story of how these prints came to be. Here is a description from the Maker:

"We moved into a cabin in the mountains the beginning of January/ 2013. The cabin we moved into has beautiful wood lining the ceilings, beams, and throughout the house. I've found my home decor style evolving into something a little more rustic, and natural. Lately I have been crushing on Science themed accessories and was immediately drawn to glass beakers and educational science charts. I was excited to think that I could create my own art, pulling inspiration from pages out of vintage text books, and old school charts. I digitally illustrate each one of these posters, and I use watercolor techniques to acquire a look reminiscent of an older time in our history. I've been digitally creating and printing my artwork for years, but I found that selecting, cutting and staining the wood for these posters, is a process I have really enjoyed."

PicMonkey Collage2


I'm coveting the antlers and feathers posters. I'm not even sure what I'm hesitating about. I mean, it would all be in the name of science now...wouldn't it. ;)