New Beginnings...And a brief update

Oh it's been so long. I've missed this blog very much! With our recent move to St.Petersburg, Florida, many visits from friends and family this past month and a half, getting to know our new city and preparing for homeschooling it's been quite busy in these here, but FULL at the same time. I'm itching to get back here more regularly. st.petehouse_01 We are really enjoying our new home. The beach life with it's laid back attitude suits us very well. Even though the temperature reaches upwards of over 90 degrees on most days we spend a lot of time outdoors swimming, biking, walking and enjoying life by the water. Here are some photos of late: st.petehouse_02 stpetehouse_02 stpetehouse_03 IMG_3419 IMG_2425 IMG_3560 IMG_0121   IMG_3543 Days are sweet. I couldn't ask for more.