What is Clutter? A Simple Clutter Checklist

pic by bodie and fou on stilinspiration blog (Bodie and Fou's Simple Home)

With only two weeks left before we move to our new home I am in the final stretch of deciding what comes to the new house and what gets donated.

There are so many sites and how-to's regarding decluttering. All of them very useful when you need to know where to start. But what happens when you've been living simply for a while and you get a little stuck.

We are moving from an almost 1400 square foot house to a house that is under 1100 square feet so I have been ruthless about letting things go. But I find myself a little stuck with a few items.

When I came across a post on Joshua Becker's Blog Becoming Minimalist I was so relieved to find my answer on how to get "unstuck".

Joshua wrote about using a Guide to help you define what clutter is to you. For example, he wrote:

1. Too much stuff in too small a space.

2. Anything we no longer use or love

3. Anything that leads to a feeling of disorganization.

I agree with all of the above!

I also added a few of my own:

4. The item does not have a home.  

This reminds me of the saying, "A place for everything and everything in it's place." Realistically, in my home things may not always be in their place but it should always have a place to go back to. I feel much calmer when I know that something has a home. If I have to work too hard to find a home for something than it needs to go.

5. Anything that does not contribute to the "feel" of our home. 

When I create a home my guiding principle more than picking paint colors, furniture, etc. is how do I want the house to "feel". Once I know this everything else is much easier for me to decide. The feel of our new home is relaxed, laid-back, light and airy with a calming beach vibe. If something does not contribute to that feeling then out it goes.

Creating this "cheat-sheet" has helped tremendously. When I find myself hemming and hawing about keeping something I can now run through this checklist and decide what to do.

I feel some serious purging about to happen.

So how do you decide what is clutter? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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