One Less: Using Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer for Face, Body and Hair

coconut {one less is an experiment  where I am removing over the counter, commercial products that are typically filled with the chemical "bad stuff" and replacing those products with more of the natural, good stuff one product at a time.} You may remember this post where I wrote about how I switched from over the counter, commercial facial cleanser for Organic, Unrefined Honey. I made this switch last Summer (2013) after I vowed to remove as many, eventually all, over the counter, chemical laden face, hair and body products.

One Less became my motto...

One less product with a bunch of toxic ingredients that I can't even pronounce.

One less item in my bathroom.

One less beauty product that didn’t deliver.

If I can’t eat it then it does not belong on my skin or hair.

Since I started this experiment I have not looked back and I still love using Raw, Organic Honey on my face! About the same time that I made the switch to using honey on my face I began using Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil on my face, body and hair. I even put it in my coffee for added flavor and good fats. I'm hooked! I absolutely would never go back to any other way of moisturizing.

If you Google coconut oil there are a bazillion sites where you can read all about the benefits and uses. Wellness Mama is one of my favorite sites for Wellness and D.I.Y natural products. Katie from Wellness Mama happens to have one of the most comprehensive lists I've come across. You can read it here. Be warned, she lists 101 uses and you just may want to try them all!

I have to tell you I get such a rush (geeky I know) about using products that not only can I use in the kitchen but I can also use in the bathroom. Committing to one less has simplified my life so much! Where I use to spend way too much time in the beauty aisles of drug stores, now I pick up my honey and coconut oil at the same time I'm grocery shopping. Plus, I use to have countless multiples of products. I'd try one facial cleanser but then the next time I went shopping I'd be seduced by the latest and greatest. Before you know it the drawers in my bathroom were filled with half empty jars of lotions and potions. Ugh!  Time and money thank you!

Oh, I almost is one of my favorite hair conditioner recipes. So good!Follow my pinterest board, Natural Beauty, to find some other fantastic D.I.Y recipes.

Anyone else want to join me and declare ONE LESS! I'd love to hear of any uses for coconut oil that you use and love or for any other beauty product alternative.

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