Simply Thought{FULL}: Reflections of late

studiobird {Photo credit: Picture is my own- A little bird in my office with a big message}

Sometimes I have periods in my life where I feel with all my heart and soul that something is simmering just underneath the surface. It's times like these that I feel like I am moving closer and closer to something that I'm suppose to be doing. I don't know yet what it is but it will be full of purpose and meaning. This much I'm sure of.

Other reflections of late:

Connecting: With an old friend. Yesterday I met with my girlfriend that I've know since High School. Over the last few years she has been met with some pretty major life challenges and yet has come out of the other side with such a renewed sense of clarity, strength, resilience and grace. Being able to share her birthday yesterday felt like a gift to me.

Nourishing: Body, Mind and Soul. Whole foods, journaling everyday and yoga feed me in a way that nothing else can. I feel grounded and authentic when I remember how good those three things make me feel.

Reading: Danielle LaPorte's Book The Desire Map. Watch the trailer for the book. You will be inspired and intrigued. I just started this book last night but I have a very real feeling that my world is about to get rocked and turned upside down in a good way.

Playing: Justin Timberlake on Pandora. What can I say...the boy can sing and dance! And I've heard he's a pretty good actor...go figure.

Creating: A really strong, committed practice of writing every single day. I don't always know what's going to pour out of my pen onto paper. But it's a practice that feels essential. I think it's leading me to something good.

Growing: spiritually. Every day I seem to grow closer and closer to my true nature.

What are some of your life reflections of late? Anyone else read Danielle LaPorte's Book? I'd love to hear your experiences. Feel free to leave a comment or meet me over at my Facebook Page to leave me your thoughts.