Simple, Pretty things: Gem + Remedy

gemandremedy_01 As I was reading this blog, The Local Rose, I came across these pretty bracelets. I just LOVE the idea behind them. Here is a description from the Gem + Remedy site: gemandremedy_04 "intention bracelets for metaphysical enhancements 100% silk bracelets hand-made using the metaphysical theories of color and gemstone therapy. these bracelets attract to the wearer different energetic properties the gemstones and silk colors possess. all bracelets come packaged in apothecary glass bottles with all their info printed on the label so you'll never forget what energies you're drawing in! (a portion of our profits go to LA women's shelters)" How wonderful to wear something that can enhance the qualities in your life that you want to attract. I think this is brilliant, and thoughtful, and lovely. I finally figured out what to get my mother for Mother's day! What do you think? Do you believe in the healing powers of crystals?