Simply Thought{FULL}: Slow Blogging and Life Lately

IMG_9529 {photo credit: my own photo of where I often blog.}

Lately I find myself blogging more often. I feel good about this. I went through a period where I wasn't sure if I would continue to blog and share online. During my continued practice of simplicity, I still find myself wondering if my blog is just more online clutter and distraction. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Yet, I can't quite ever see myself giving it up any time soon. I blog because I am passionate about living a life that brings genuine happiness derived from living authentically and aligned with what is most important. So while I have something to share that I believe adds value or a smile to my day and yours I will write. Maybe not everyday, maybe not with the consistency that I use to years ago but I will write. I do believe more quality and less quantity is the direction of blogging. Here is a post I enjoyed that speaks of this.  

Here are a few other reflections of late:

Connecting: My brother and I are almost 13 years apart in age. When I was in my 20's I lived in San Francisco while my brother was just a young boy living at home in Florida. I shared thoughts with him back then but I often felt like I was his older, somewhat Kooky sister with some far off ideas. My brother is now in his very early 30's and lately we've been discussing life, dreams and a yearning for all that life has to offer. My heart swells hearing his ideas and knowing he is listening and appreciating my thoughts and experiences.

Nourishing: Green juice daily and whole, real foods. The only way to eat that makes me feel lighter and nourished inside and out.

Reading: I read before going to bed. I admit this means that I often times can only get through a few pages before my eyes begin to close. Nevertheless there is something I treasure about going into the bedroom, lying comfortably in bed and losing myself in words even if only a few. I always have multiple books going at once. Right now I am reading Gretchen Rubin's book, Happier at Home. Simple messages that resonate.

Playing: Music. Always in the background. Currently loving on Madeleine Peyroux.

Creating: More space at home. We are moving.This means we are purging and packing. I am taking time to be mindful of all the things we want to bring to the new house and those things we will donate.

Growing: Bunches of collard greens. I like them in my green juices.

Curious how you feel about the direction of blogging. Do you blog yourself? If you are a reader of blogs how do you feel when someone begins posting less?

Be well friends.