The Road Less Traveled: Homeschooling

IMG_7876 Hi friends. I know this isn't news for some of you but if you haven't been around here lately this Summer my family and I are moving to a new city. We will be living in a small home in a city that we love! Like in our current home, we will once again have the opportunity to really pare down to only those things that we truly treasure and that really help us focus on the essentials.

With all the new changes coming about and the focus being on what is most important for our family we are taking this time in our lives to take a leap of faith and Homeschool our little mr. We will educate our little man in a way that feels right for us, most importantly feels right for our little guy.

I no longer believe in our country’s traditional school model. I haven’t for some time but it is only recently that I’ve been brave enough to be honest with myself and move away from what is traditional and move towards a non-traditional way to educate our little man. A one size fits all model for education does not work no matter how much money you throw at it. It doesn’t work no matter how many times the curriculum and state standards are re-worked. So instead of being frustrated and yet not changing anything we are choosing to pull little mr. from school and venture down the road less traveled.

So I started a new blog. Click {here} to read a little more of why the new blogYou will notice the link in the menu on the right. I toyed with the idea of just adding homeschooling posts right here on the indobay blog since it really is just an extension of our life. However, I realize not everyone will be interested in homeschooling. I hope you will see what we are up to.