Slowing Down

buddha_01 {image: picture of a wooden Buddha in our yard of our new home. Peaceful.}

It's raining today. As much as I adore and crave sunny days every now and then I use a rainy down as a symbol of slowing down, resting and recharging. With our home recently placed For Sale, our days have been a little hectic to say the least. Constant cleaning and having to leave with a young boy and two dogs does not make for restful days. (Side Note: Β We have received an offer today. Keeping fingers crossed that some of the madness will subside for a bit.)

Today my little mr. stayed home feeling a little under the weather. We have rested, watched a movie, worked on a little computer programming that he is teaching himself, and just basically enjoyed not having to be anywhere or do anything in particular. Β Thank you rain.