411069133c553d9001c1929a2002e673 If you follow me here or on Facebook you may have learned that my family and I are moving. Right now we are in the middle of constant showings of our current house. We live in a relatively small house of a little less than 1400 sq.ft. The funny thing is that we are actually moving to a smaller home. We are trading in interior space for location and more outdoor living.

As we are getting feedback from potential buyers I'm reminded how living in small spaces is not for everyone. Although folks have fallen in love with our home and the location they are concerned about how they are going to fit all their STUFF. I find this funny. But I get it.

For our family, when we fell in love with the home we are going to we knew that we would be getting rid of stuff. This was an easy choice because the life we imagined in our new home and new city was more valuable than having to get rid of some of our things.

Experiences wins over stuff any day. 

Which is why when I stumbled upon the above text I yelled out YES! We have lived in this small home for some years now yet it is by far the largest "HOME" I've ever lived in.

How do you feel about small homes? Could you get rid of stuff if it meant living in a smaller house that you love? I'm curious as to what you think. Feel free to comment here or over on my Facebook page.