So I've hinted to some changes coming soon for my family and I. We are moving.This Summer my family and I are moving to a new city. We will be living in a small home in a historic neighborhood that we love! Like in our current home, we will once again have the opportunity to really pare down to only those things that we truly love. I love how a small home helps me keep my values in check and allows me to practice a minimalist lifestyle and focus on the essentials of our family life.

With the focus being on what is most important for our family we are taking this time in our lives to take a leap of faith and Homeschool our little mr. This will be a huge change for all us. We will educate our little man in a way that feels right for us, most importantly feels right for our little guy. So excited!

The image above is a picture of our new home. We recently spent Spring Break "camping out". We had a couple of cushions to sit on, mattresses on the floor, some clothing we brought over, a few dishes and pots and pans to cook with. There was no television or computers. (Full disclosure: I did have my phone but limited connectivity due to no wi-fi.) It's amazing how little you actually need to live. We lived quite well during that week.

Every morning I took the opportunity to wake early and write in my journal while everyone else slept. There was something about the morning darkness that slowly morphed into glorious morning light. It was quiet, empty. I reveled in the nearly empty space. Without the distractions of the normal day to day things like T.V., computers, household items to clean, etc., life felt simpler.

I know that once we move into the new home we will have furniture, there will be a t.v., computer and all of normal life's "stuff". I'm ok with that. Yet, I am grateful for moments where I can take the time to focus on what I call my life essentials like family, connecting with people, health, the outdoors, mindfulness and wellness.

A few other things that made my gratitude list:

-my nephew who joined us and his lovely relationship with my little mr.

-a new home in a new city in a new neighborhood that I am smitten with

-watching the boys swim happily in the pool

-no dogs to walk for an entire week

-time with my family

-walks along the Bay

I'm curious to hear what are your life essentials? How do you remind yourself to live your life with those essentials as a guide?