A Moment in time

I feel like lately time is passing quickly, too quickly and yet not fast enough. My family and I have some new life adventures in the horizon that I'm anxious to share yet can't quite spill the beans just yet. The reason being that we haven't told everyone. I would hate for them to find out from my online postings. Anyway, with all that being said, I'm excited and anxious all at the same time. These days my mind keeps fixating on all those things that will need to be completed before the next phase begins. Yet, I constantly need to remind myself that the only real moments we have are those right in front of us.

Here a few of the recent moments that have made me smile...


A recent trip to Hawaii allowed me to capture this beautiful rainbow.


Whale watching in Hawaii...I was awed and humbled.


I got to watch A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof right in my backyard. Funny, doesn't look like Elizabeth Taylor or Paul Newman. ;)


My little man has guitar lessons with the best guitar teacher EVER! Guitar playing seems so challenging Β and yet my little man just keeps getting better and better. It really is so cool to hear his growth.


We go to this placeΒ after guitar lessons for a Green juice and a fresh muffin. This one is carrots, apples and ginger...yum!

Time to take a deep breath and savor these special moments. How do you savor special moments?

All photos filtered through Instagram. You can find me on Instagram @indobay. :)