I am a morning person. A typical morning is me rising between 5:30 am and 6 am. I relish the quiet time to go through my morning routine of warm lemon water, coffee making, catching up on a few of my favorite blogs and then writing in my journal.

Soon afterwards the little guy comes out to join me. We are both early risers. He catches up on the highlights of whatever sporting event he missed the night before as I sit with him and continue writing in my journal.

Here are a few photos of a typical morning for us. All the photos were taken by my little guy with the exception of the ones that he is actually in. I think considering it was still dark out and the lighting was terrible, he did a pretty good job.


A green juice is an every morning occurrence. Happy cells makes for a happy person is my motto. ;)


Music is also a constant in our home. The little guy likes to make Piper dance with him.


The little guy shot this sweet picture of Snickers the Beagle. Snickers likes to look out the window and watch out for cats that might trespass. He does not like trespassers and is very vocal if he catches one!


This little bunny has been with Ty since he was 6 months old. His name is KiKi and my 12 year old sleeps with him every evening. When Ty is tired he rubs KiKi's nose against his cheek. Hence, the worn pink bunny nose. Kiki often times will join us for breakfast.



My little guy usually practices his guitar before going off to school. This morning he traded in his guitar practicing for lego making.

I love our mornings.

How do you all spend your mornings?