A HEALTHY DIY: Beeswax Candles


This holiday I am making presents for most people on my list. My goal is to create gifts that promote a simple, holistic lifestyle of health, peace, wellness and just makes the recipient feel good. With a few folks on my list the gifts also need to be simple, yet thoughtful.

I recently discovered The Chalkboard blog , which I love, which in turn led me to discover the blog Free + Native, which quick became a favorite as well. As soon as I saw this diy I knew exactly three people I could cross off my list that would really appreciate this gift.

Some information I learned about beeswax candles:

"Beeswax candles are unique in that they actually release healthy ions into the air, creating a healthier environment."

Click here to read an insightful post about the dangers of paraffin candles and the unique benefits of beeswax candles for helping with allergies. I had no idea!

Luckily I had all the ingredients needed to make a candle. Only two more to go.

Happy Candle making!