It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

xmas_08 Although we are still celebrating Hanukkah in our home we are also beginning to bring out the Christmas decorations. The Christmas Music is also in full swing. We will get our Christmas tree in a day or two but for now I've created little Christmas moments around the house.




Winter Whites for our bedroom.


xmas_04 christmas Collage


christmas Collage_02


In keeping with simplifying our holiday this year, our Advent Calendar is just a few pieces of driftwood which I have numbered. We just move the numbered pieces from one bowl to the next so that we can see Christmas Day approaching!


This was one of those magic moments that just happened. I walked away from taking photos for just a second and guess who couldn't resist seeing what was going on. This just may be my very favorite photo!

Snickers the Beagle wishes you all a very happy holiday, and so do I. :)