Monday Pins

patchwork2_01 Collage I bet you thought you were going to see some lovely pins I'd pinned to my Pinterest boards. That pinning would most certainly be less painful.


Instead I am pinning the old-fashioned way as I work on another patchwork pattern using off-cuts of linen.


I feel like I'm putting together a puzzle except there really isn't a wrong or right way to put it together. Although I say that...but the truth is I have painstakingly moved pieces every which way until I finally get to a pattern that I think looks pleasing to the eye. I've been working on this pattern since Friday and I THINK I finally have it right.

Luckily the pieces are just pinned at this time. I'm free to move things around at least for a little longer until the sewing begins.

For now I'm going to take a break and pin the virtual way. Feel free to join me here.