bdaypic_01 Today I turned 43! 43 years of living! I find birthdays a gift in themselves. It's a celebration of not only the day you were born but a celebration of all the life you have lived up to this day. For me my birthday is also a day to look forward. There is so much more life I want to live and so much I want out of my time on this Earth. The reality is we only really have the time that is right in front of us.


Today I will give my self the gift of "presence".

In yoga class I gave myself that time to breathe, move and be present. Yoga makes me a better human being which is really a gift not only to myself but also to those around me. My boys can testify to that! ;)

Today I will do all the things I enjoy and spend a quiet evening at home with a homemade meal whipped up by my big Mr. and little Mr. I can't wait! Those two make every day the best day.


I've received many well wishes today. I'm so grateful for the people in my life.

I also received these stunning flowers from my sister in law. There they were waiting by my front door when I returned home from yoga. Big smile. A beautiful reminder of one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out.


I also treated myself to a visit with an old friend today. If you haven't heard, an old favorite is back. Oh how I've missed you Domino!


Tonight after my birthday dinner, once my little mr. is tucked in bed, I will lounge on the couch with my big Mr., a glass of wine and my old friend. Today is a good day.

P.S This post by Zen Habits blog was a lovely reminder of the Art of Living. A wonderful read and another gift to myself. If you have a few minutes I invite you to read. It will be your gift to yourself. Enjoy.