In the Eye of the Beholder

beholder_02 To look at the above photo you might think this is a picture of my lovely garden. In fact, it is a picture of what can be considered weeds growing in our neglected planter box.


This is really what it looks like. We are in desperate need of clearing out the weeds of our planter boxes and planting some seeds.

Yet, seeing those "weeds" made me think of the expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I find these weeds to be quite lovely. I even like how the vine is growing up the shovel. This tells you how long that shovel has been sitting in there waiting to do some work. ;)

I decided to shoot some photos from our yard and see what else I could find that one person might consider less than beautiful.


Veggies that somehow, against all odds and some major neglect seem to continue to grow. The leaves are caterpillar eaten and somewhat decayed and the planter box is full of not so pretty weeds. However, I find these green peppers so lovely.


Oh the poor, poor fort! We were gone all summer long so the fort went neglected and unused. This summer we had tons of rain and heavy storms. Hence, the half torn off window shutter. Now that the weather will soon be cooling off it's time to clean out the fort, oil the wood and give it some much needed attention. Despite the fact that the fort has seen better days, I still love looking out into the yard and seeing that little structure perched in the corner.


Snickers the beagle...beautiful in my eyes. The freckles get me everytime. He has them all over. Can you believe some folks see freckles as less than perfect. I am not one of those folks.

beholder Collage_01

Oh this chair!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Well for one I purchased this sweet cafe chair when I lived in San Francisco from a charming shop that carried products from France. Of course it looked much better at time of purchase. I didn't have a car in San Francisco so I had to lug this chair up many, many hills before we found our way home. So worth it! I remember a friend helping me move homes years after I had purchased the chair. He so innocently asked when he saw this chair, "Is this going or is this trash?"

Despite the rotted wood, missing slats and rust I'm hanging onto this one a bit longer.


Welcome to the Jungle! For those that actually call themselves gardeners our yard would be what you call "THE BEFORE." It is a collection of whatever grows back there. There is no rhyme or reason. We don't do a darn thing except let the weeds, shrubs and trees grow. With all the rain we had this summer everything is overgrown to say the least. But since I do not call myself a gardener I appreciate the greenery and lushness. How's that for justifying not doing yard work.

Our home will never be perfect. There will always be things that need fixing, weeding, pruning, oiling. The list goes on. The good news is I'm not looking for perfection. Just a happy place to call home with all my animals and my people that make home the best place to be.

Happy Friday!