Parts, Process & Labor

dreamcatcher_6 Often times when an idea starts in my head its takes parts, process and labor to become an actual product or end result.

Lately I've become somewhat obsessed with the idea of dream catchers. I'm fascinated with the traditional story but I'm really excited about somehow interpreting this tradition for our modern times. Maybe being able to personalize the dream catcher with a wish? Hmmm...

So today I gathered parts. My favorites....wood, white, natural twine and linen made their appearance, of course. Then it was time to work through the process. I typically allow myself to play with the million ideas in my head and see what happens. What will be the finished product does not happen right away. It most likely will go through quite a few reincarnations before I feel like it's done.


dreamcatcher Collage

I like what I have so far but it's not ready. I'm just not sure how to incorporate being able to personalize the Dream Catcher.

I added a small strip of wood that can easily be written on. My thought is that the dream catcher could then be personalized with someone's name or a special date. Or maybe this is where you can write a well-wish for someone. I can see this as a wedding gift and being able to write down what you dream for the couple's future. What do you think?

My original idea was being able to hang the strips of linen on the bottom like you see in the picture. Voila, the perfect place to write down well-wishes and dreams for the receiver. NOPE! No matter what writing utensil I used it was just way to difficult to write on the linen and have it be legible.

So the process and labor continues. I'm excited to see what the end product will be!

Do you have any ideas that you would like to share? Please feel free to leave a comment here or on the indobay facebook page.