Simply Thought {FULL}

manifestocolor' My morning routine is to get up around 6 am, make some coffee and grab my journal. I've always kept a journal for as long as I can remember. Starting my days with the practice of writing makes me a better person.

This morning I decided to read a few entries from one of my journals from this Summer. I had written down these ideas from a traveler's site I had come across over the Summertime. Although I am not an "indie traveler" these ideas of what an "indie traveler" values holds true in general in living a simple, inspired life that values people and experiences over things.

Here is what I wrote:

1. Defining your values, exploring your beliefs, and crafting your own meaning of life.

2. Options over possessions

3. Discovery over escape

4. Interactions over transactions

5. The present moment over dreams of past and future

6. Pack light and keep things simple

7. Slow down and enjoy an experience

8. Seek pleasure in simple moments and details

9. Make meaningful connections

10. Emphasize listening more than talking

11. Practice courtesy, patience, humility and good humor

12. Give back

13. Share what you've learned with others

Then entire manifesto is above.

What values do you hold dear in life?