Welcome to The August Break 2013


How is it the last day of July already? As much as I was excited to get back to blogging upon my return home in a few short days (I've been away for almost 2 months), I stumbled upon The August Break over at Susannah Conway's Blog and thought this sounds like so much fun!

In a way this falls right in line with what I've been reading about lately. Living Simply is not knew to me but I've committed myself to taking the simple life even further (more on that later). This August Break feels like an opportunity to simplify the blog a bit during August. It is a way to strip down to sharing only what is essential in getting a story or message across. We'll see how well it goes using only an image and possibly very few words. I can be long winded at times so this will challenge me a bit. ;)

Not only does this give me an opportunity to tell a story through an image but also allows me to play with my camera even more. I'm still learning the ins and outs of using my new camera.

So how does this work? Here are Susannah's Words to explain:

Each day, for the whole of August, take a photo and share it on your blog. You can add words if you want — or not. You can use any camera. You could share a series of photos, or miss a day out, or just post on weekends. There are no real rules, basically. This is all about being present and enjoying taking photos just for the hell of it. And perhaps reinvigorating your love for blogging, and/or taking a break from writing. 

If you don’t have a blog you can still take part — share your photos on Instagram and Flickr!

This year we also have a list of daily photo prompts, so if you get stuck for something to photograph, here’s the list:



I will be returning home this Sunday, August 4 and will begin with this fun activity soon afterwards.

I hope you will join and follow along!