From that to this

I wasn't going to post much until I returned home in August. After seeing a photo this morning I couldn't help but share my excitement and the photo! Many of you already know that while my home is going through a renovation my family and I have been living on the Gulf Coast. Once a week my big Mr. drives to Orlando to check on the house project. It is only through the ocassional photo that I beg for sent by our contractor and when my big Mr. heads back to Orlando that I get to see what is going on.

I haven't received a picture in almost 2 weeks...until today!

I'm getting really excited!

Last I saw our home still pretty much looked like this...


And today I received this...


There is still much to do. Yet, I can finally see what this space will be one day soon.

The cabinets are being installed on Monday. For now I'm enjoying seeing all this white space {sigh}... so lovely.

Be well friends.