IMG_9129 After three weeks with a very sketchy wi-fi connection in the house we are renting in St. Petersburg, Florida I am happy to report that we are CONNECTED. Between us, I've missed blogging but I think the time away from my computer was something I needed.


Life is good. I spend long, hot days with my boys biking, sailing, walking, chatting, eating and just enjoying. We are just minutes away from the bay and a very short drive from the beach. There just isn't anything like walking out your door and seeing a body of water. I see why folks choose to live near the coast.

Downtown St. Petersburg feels like home away from home. In a short time we've managed to feel like the locals. We even have a favorite coffee shop that we walk or bike to often.


We have about 3 1/2 more weeks to call this place home before we venture back to our newly renovated abode. You can find a few of the reno pics on my instagram feed. Just go to @indobay.

I will be back blogging mid-August when we return to Orlando. I can't wait to share photos of our completed renovation.

Til then, be well friends.