Down the Link Trail: Log Bowls discovered

So often I visit a blog that then links me somewhere else only to find another lovely on and so on until I don't even remember where I started. Does this happen to you? I think it's one of the most fun and one of the most "dangerous" parts of the internet a.k.a "time suck". I thought it would be fun to post from time to time my descent down the link trail and reveal what I find.

This was today.

I began looking at old posts on Victoria's blog SF Girl by The Bay when I came across this linkΒ and saw this photo...

loyal loot shop

Those bowls. Lovely & Coveted. My curiosity led me to follow this linkΒ to the Loyal Loot Collective.

It was here that I saw these photos...

bowls 1Collage

bowl2 Collage

"Log Bowls combine the beauty of a tree in its natural state with a high-gloss, vibrant finish. Each bowl is handmade using locally reclaimed trees of all varieties (fallen or cut down due to infrastructure or inclement weather). The trees are hand selected, gathered, turned and finished by Loyal Loot Collective and local artisans. Log Bowls come in a wide variety of colors and are refined by hand with a water-based, furniture grade finish."-loyal loot collective

Brilliant & thoughtful re-use. so beautifully crafted. Check out more of the shop here.

Have you ever been trapped by the "link trail"? Did it ever lead you to something great or interesting? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below or over on the indobay facebook page.Β