DIY: Simple & Pretty Sample Tile Magnets

IMG_8656 With a renovation come lots of samples...flooring, countertops, backsplash, cabinets. At first it's kind of fun collecting samples. Soon you begin to wonder what the heck do you do with all those bits of collected stuff.

Some samples were obvious. Square samples of countertops became stone coasters. Big squares of floor tile I used under potted plants. But what to do with that sample of marble you see above. It is just too, too pretty to just throw away.

Magnets! Pretty, marble magnets! This project was so easy to do and I love the way it looks.

Pretty Marble Sample Tile DIY by indobay

If you visit any tile showroom, or big home store like Home Depot they will have tile samples that you can have for free. The magnets you see above I got from The Container Store but you can find these tiny super strong magnets online, and in just about any craft shop. Lastly you will need some type of super glue.

magnet Collage

To begin you will need to pull the tile from the mesh. Luckily, it comes off very easily. Afterwards, it's time to glue on your magnets.

Here's a little tip I learned the hard way: Glue each magnet on one at a time with a few minutes of drying time in between.

These aren't called "amazingly strong magnets" for nothing. If you attempt to glue all magnets on at the same time what you will find is that each magnet wants to stick to each other. You end up trying to pull the magnets apart which leads to glue on fingers which leads to magnets stuck to skin. Not much fun!

DIY Magnets made from Tile Samples

I'm a pretty impatient person when it comes to projects. Sometimes I just want to get to the end result right away.

Another word of warning: Give the glue plenty of time to dry otherwise you could end up with glue on your fridge or wherever you are using your magnets. I let this baby dry for about 30 minutes which was plenty of time.


That's it! This project is so easy and takes no time at all. The most time consuming part will be getting the supplies but I think the final product is well worth the effort.

There are so many little tiles on one sample sheet that I'm going to make a few sets and give them as little presents.

So what do you think? Think you will give this a try? I hope you do.Β