House Snoop: San Diego, California

IMG_8011 My House Snooping ways seem to have no boundaries. Doesn't matter if I'm close to home or across the country, no home is safe. San Diego was no exception. With camera in tow, I set out to document San Diego architecture through my lens.

sdhouses1 Collage

The building with the cross on top was actually a Catholic School. The thing that struck me about it was the brightly colored blue dome with the cross on top. The rest of the building was so simple and understated. The cross was certainly the focus.

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There was such variation among the architecture. The home to the left was one of my favorites with it's colorful sticks and windows. I love to imagine who might live inside these homes. I bet these folks were abundantly creative and a whole lot of fun!

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Just simple and pretty.


The garden, the house. Spanish style homes aren't always my favorites. But when they look like this...{{sigh}}.


With all the stunningly gorgeous homes I saw this home was hands down one of my favorites. This house sat casually among pristine, perfectly manicured neighboring homes. I love the rectangular shape and the way the doors all open up to an ocean view, I might add. But what struck me the most was how laid back it appeared. This home was that cool person in high school who always exuded this effortless vibe...stylish and well-liked without even trying. The Air Stream, the surfboard, the lounge chairs in bright blue...casual cool!

I had so much fun walking these streets. Did you have a favorite home? What's your favorite architectural style?

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{images by Tania Welch}