Dear Monday...Back from California

Dear Monday, A 3-hour time difference may not seem like a lot when traveling. Waking up this morning tells a different story.  I  am back from my trip to Southern California and although I can't say I feel rested, I can say my big Mr. and I had a fantastic trip! This past week was full of things that made me smile.

Having lived in San Francisco for 1o years I would have said I was a Northern California girl through and through. Now having been to the San Diego area twice in a years time, I'm in love! Please don't tell San Francisco of my love affair.

Coronado, California Vacation by Tania Welch

The weather, the beautiful coastal towns, it's all perfect. It's a different vibe than Northern California and I like it.

So my big Mr. and I visited for about 5 days and sure squeezed in a lot of fun! We walked alot. Drank a lot. Ate a lot. Relaxed a lot. He worked a little. I worked not at all with the exception of posts on Facebook and Instagram. That counts as work doesn't it?

Here are some photos from our trip. I hope you like.

Hotel Del Coronado photo by Tania Welch

We stayed at the lovely historic Hotel Del Coronado. It was built in 1888 and even has a resident ghost. We learned later that the room we stayed in was right next door to the room that was said to be haunted. I thought that was pretty cool but glad I didn't know it til after the fact.

Coronado, California-photo by Tania Welch

This was the view right outside our terrace doors. Ridiculous!

Clayton's coffee shop in Coronado

Clayton's Coffee Shop in Coronado


I did mention we ate a lot. Clayton's coffee shop was this very cool restaurant that had an old 50's vibe reminiscent of a classic diner. Not fancy just good eats. My kind of place.

Mission Restaurant in San Diego


Another awesome breakfast place is The Mission Restaurant in San Diego's North Park neighborhood. Just simple, healthy, tasty food in a fun, artful atmosphere. We did make our way to really great places for lunch and dinner but as you can tell, breakfast is my favorite meal.

landscape1 Collage

landscape2 Collage

landscape3 Collage

I am a huge fan of California landscape. The view one way is a beautiful cottage garden. Yet, just a few steps away a succulent garden is equally stunning. I also love the rocks, and grasses that co-exist beautifully on the beaches and side of cliffs. I'm always so inspired.


And the views...they speak for themselves.





My big Mr. is a surfer. Those little black specks are fellow surfers themselves. Little did they know there was a whale playing in the waters just a few yards cool!

I took so many pictures. Oh how I'm tempted to show you them all but that would make for a REALLY long post. This one is already bordering on being too long as it is.

I will be back with a special edition of House Snoop from San Diego. I hope you will stay tuned.

It feels good to be back home.


{images: Tania Welch}