Dear Monday...

Dear Monday, Today I am busy, busy preparing for a trip to San Diego with my big Mr. I'm so excited but will be more excited once everything is finally put into place for our departure. Leaving for a trip always takes a little prep time when you have two dogs, two cats and a child with a busy baseball schedule to contend with. All worth it once my feet hit the ground in California!

The weather has been so fantastic that my little mr., my big Mr. and myself have spent lots of time outdoors. Being outdoors means that no lizard is safe. My little mr. has become quite the hunter. I promise no lizards are hurt in the process. In fact, some of the lizards oddly enough, like to stick around for a while.

tylizard Collage

The lizard finally said good-bye after hanging with the boy for a bit.

Here's another critter we befriended. I think he (or she) is quite handsome. Don't you think?


Warm nights mean lots of hanging outside, chatting about the day and enjoying a glass of wine.



Can I tell you something? My son and I have been practicing with the new camera ALOT lately. My little mr. took this photo which I must say I think is really good. Don't you think?

Along with lizards and turtles, no good climbing tree is safe.

Do you remember climbing trees as a child? I do.

I remember climbing as high as I could get and then watching people walk by thinking I was so clever because I could see them but they couldn't see me. I'm not sure why, but I thought that was so cool.

This tree in front of our house beckons loudly to have the company of a little boy, a.k.a. little mr.




Oh how I'm going to miss this little guy while we are away.

As much as I'm so happy to be able to have some alone time with my big Mr., I'm also going to miss these two together and the way they make me laugh until my side aches. They truly are a comedy duo. Watching these two together always, always makes me smile.

Ben and Ty

So off to California we go. We are going to play alot but also try to get in some rest like this...




So that we come home rested and rejuvenated and not crabby like this...


{this is Whampus our nineteen, possibly 20 yr.old cat. She's quite the character}

I won't be posting while I am away but I'm certain you will be able to find me on Instagram. Come join me this week, @indobay on Instagram.Β 

Be well everyone and have a lovely week. I will see you soon.