Home Life: my creative space

indobay studio space Although no room in my home is safe from my creative endeavours, I am a lucky gal to be able to call this room my very own. It is the room in the house that most reflects me. I am a very neat person. This space sometimes does not reflect that.  With my tools, stacks of linen, bits and bobs that inspire me all about, it can get a bit messy at times. A lovely mess I might add. ;)

What it does reflect is my creative process and spirit which isn't always neat and organized and sometimes a little messy. I usually have multiple projects going on whether in concrete form or just simmering in my mind.



This is the view from my desk. I love my little studio bird. It is a wooden piece I found about a year ago at a local thrift shop that I painted white. She helps me remember to DREAM BIG DREAMS always. I made the "maybe later" clay piece about three years ago. The words remind me that not everything is urgent. Some things can really wait til later.

indobay studio space

For a while I didn't know how to store my screens I use for screen-printing. The easiest solution...casually leaning them against each other. I like seeing the shadows of paint left behind. Here are a few waiting patiently to be used.

studio2 Collage


Stacks of linens make me smile. White, rumpled piles make me the happiest.


Here are some old favorites that inspire. With so many lovely online mags, Pinterest, and beautiful blogs, magazines remain my number one source of inspiration. studio10 Collage


I once read stars are a symbol of "hope & good fortune". I keep this one close by.

Thanks for letting me share my creative space. Anyone else have a room of their own? How is it a reflection of you? Please share below in the comments or join me on Facebook.


{images: Tania Welch}