Dear Monday...

Dear Monday,

Another week has come and gone. Too quickly. This past week I have been helping with plans for little mr.'s 5th grade event that is held at the end of the year in honor of all the "graduating" students. How is it possible that I have a 5th grader! It's beyond me but nonetheless, true.

I often hear some unpleasant stories about "the middle-school age". My big Mr. and I have already warned little mr. that if he suddenly turns rotten he must leave immediately! Of course we are kidding (slightly). Anyone have children in that middle school age range. Is there hope? :) For now we are still enjoying our little guy who is always happy, silly and just my hero!


{The many faces of an 11 year-old)

This week I received some news that I had hoped for. That's all I will say til next week but I'm really excited!

blooms Collage


Spring has definitely sprung! Our yard has exploded in greenery. The fort is barely visible. When inside it feels like a real tree house. Even our Christmas Cactus decided to play peek a boo with a few more blooms. We are happy to play along!

My new camera arrived and I am over the top giddy! I have so much to learn about photography. I spent some time Β alot of time online looking through photography tutorials. I feel like I'm learning a new language. I'm ready to be fluent! Hopefully you will start to notice better quality photos here on the blog and in my shop really soon. If anyone has any photo tips please share. :)




Sunday we honored our day of rest. It's alway a good day when you start with some pancakes. Don't you think? The last photo says it all...YUM!

Life is good.