Simply Thought {FULL}: What makes a well-lived home...

"Sweet dreams are made of these..." That line from the Annie Lenox song is going through my mind right now as I think about what "homes" are made of. If you've read any of my House Snoop entries then you know that what draws me most to a home is that quality that is hard to put into words. It's taking all the bits and pieces collected, crafted, designed over time mixing it with equal parts values, heart and soul and somehow, effortlessly, allowing all these elements to gel and mix to create a home that beautifully reflects the people who live in it. You know a "home" when you walk into it. Immediately you feel at ease and you sense an energy that makes you feel good.



{I gravitate towards design books that feature homes that look well-loved and well-lived.}

As I look at my own home I wonder what is it that makes me so happy every time I walk into this place. Home is definitely where my people and my animals are. It's also where my heart is, where I feel connected, accepted, and where I can live fully and celebrate daily living with those that I allow into my home.

Anyone can build a house but it takes something different, something special to create a home. A well-lived home is crafted, collected over time and is always evolving as the people in it evolve. It is filled with things that reflect the values and interests of the dwellers.There is a story in the details.This is what makes a home interesting.

Here are some bits and pieces in my well-lived home...


Pieces collected over time are so much more interesting. Each piece has a story, a history. You just can't say the same about mass-produced items.


We collect stones shaped like hearts. We've been doing this for a few years now. It becomes somewhat of a game called, "who can find the first heart stone" whenever we travel somewhere. We probably have close to ten of them by now. I love how different they all are. The one with the hole symbolized the hole in our hearts after our dog Jackson passed on. Oh sweet Jackson, how we still miss you.



Our art runs the gamut from more "serious" art pieces to hand-made prints. I have to say my favorite pieces are made by my favorite artist a.k.a. my little mr. His black and white pieces that are a little silly, playful and, I have to say, a little graphic at times are my favorites.


Journals...I have them everywhere. What can I say, I like to write. I've been keeping a journal FOREVER! It's like mediation. I like to write first thing in the morning but there are no hard, set rules. Whenever I feel compelled to write "off-line", I write .

These are my new favorite journals. I like the pages unlined and the covers unadorned. These are so simple. The stitching along the side makes it special without a lot of fuss. I like that.


This is one of my favorite pictures of all times. It was a simple photo I took that I had made into a canvas print. It is a picture of my son and my nephew from, I think 2008, when we visited my friend's ranch.

I remember having to drive a little over an hour to get to the ranch. As we were approaching our destination my son says, "we aren't in our land anymore." Here is a boy born in San Francisco, being raised in the downtown area of Orlando, visiting an actual cattle ranch. This was certainly not the land he was use to. They had a blast!

Whenever I pass this photo I'm reminded of a fond memory.

If you were to visit our home you would see surf boards hanging on the walls, a pile of legos along with probably a pile of laundry waiting to be folded, numerous sticky notes stuck to my desk with the many ideas and projects I want to tackle, dog toys everywhere. Our home is not perfect but it's perfect to us.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think makes a well-lived home. Leave a comment below or start a conversation over on the indobay facebook page.

Thanks for letting me share.


P.S. I had so much fun writing this post and thinking about the different aspects of a well-lived home that I would like to make this a regular feature on the blog. I think it would be fun to share the homes, thoughts and photos of others on this topic of what makes their home a well-lived home. If you are interested in being featured or know someone that you think would be perfect for this feature, please e-mail me at Thank you.