Renovator's Notebook: Kitchen Faucets

indobay kitchen renovation journal Faucets, faucets everywhere and not a drop of water to drink. Planning continues for our Kitchen renovation and I had no idea how much goes into picking a faucet.

I knew that we were going to go with a clean, simple, modern faucet yet, even within this category the options were numerous. So were the price tags!

Separate pull-out spray or integrated? Stainless-steel finish? Brushed nickel? Single-handle? Deck-plate or no deck plate? Spout height & reach?

Here were a few options we were looking at:

1. Danze Single Handle with Pull-out Spray 

2. Brizo Solna with Pull-out Spray

3. Ruvati Single Handle Faucet

4. Mirabelle "Ravanel" Pull-out Spray Kitchen Faucet

We also looked at a few others that were less expensive than the ones above but after many days of researching I finally picked what will be our new faucet...woohoo! (I will reveal that in bit.)

If you are in the market for a new faucet here is a cheat sheet of things I learned that helped me understand some things to consider and why some faucets cost a bit more than others.

  • A faucet with a ceramic disk valve and solid brass base materials will be the most durable. This could also make the price higher but should make for a faucet that will last a long time. Considering this is probably the most used sink in the house the extra cost might be worth it.
  • A single hole faucet like the ones above will cost a little more but will have a more modern aesthetic and a smaller footprint.
  • The finish you choose will depend on your personal choice and the look you are going for. Choices range from Chrome to antique copper to pewter. The finish you choose will also determine the cost of the faucet.
  • Another thing to consider is the type of sink you are going to use. Make sure that your sink has enough holes to accommodate the kitchen faucet that you've chosen, especially if you are going to also purchase a soap dispenser or separate sprayer. Most sinks will have at least three holes. We are going with an undermount sink so this isn't an issue for us since the holes will be drilled into the countertop.
  • One major thing I learned is that a higher price tag and the Brand does not always equal quality. The faucet we chose was on the lower end of the price spectrum for the type of faucets we were choosing from. However, when I did a side by side comparison to some of the more expensive faucets it had all the key elements of the more expensive brands. Why pay more if you don't have to. I would highly recommend doing a side by side comparison before making your final decision. Many sites offer this option which is great. I loved because not only did they have multiple ways of searching but they also had an option to compare different products side by side. Believe me, this really helped! Click {here} to see my comparison sheet.

I looked at many different sites but I found the best prices at these two sites:

Here is {a link} that also helped me from

If you find other sites that you know of that offer comparative pricing I'd love to hear about it.

I hope that if you are in the market for a new faucet this information will be useful. I'm one of those people that loves to research so this was so much fun for me. I would get so excited when I learned something new about faucets. My big Mr. and  little mr. didn't seem to share my enthusiasm as much...hmmm. :)

So are you ready to learn which faucet will soon make an appearance in our new kitchen to be...



Next up on Renovator's Notebook, I will take you on a journey to finding just the right sink. If you thought shopping for a faucet was tough...just wait!

Be well,