Dear Monday...

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Hello to a new week! I hope your weekend was spent doing all the things you enjoy. In our home we recently adopted Sunday as a day of rest. I know this idea isn't anything new but it seems, in our culture especially, a day of rest isn't really taken to heart. The goal is to have household chores, grocery shopping, and anything that might be a little stressful completed by Saturday. Saturday is like our prep day for relaxing. Sunday is our day to do what we want. The temptation to throw in a load of laundry is still there but so far so good!

Let's talk about Mondays, specifically Dear Mondays. I hope you have been enjoying my Dear Monday Posts. These posts began as a way for me to begin a new week with a sense of gratitude. It's basically a look back to some moments from the past week, big and small that made me happy.

If you decide to start your own form of the Dear Monday letters I'd love to hear about it.

Here is this week's letter...

Dear Monday,

I must tell you that I am one lucky gal. The two most important people in my life just happen to be quite amazing! My son has the biggest heart ever and the greatest sense of humor. My big Mr. also has the most beautiful heart. All the ways he loves me and the little Mr. is really something! I have to pinch myself sometimes because they are just THAT special.

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This weekend we went berry picking. We try eating local as much as possible. Picking our own berries from a berry patch close to home is so much fun. Plus, I like my little mr. to see how our food is grown. I think it's good for children to know that berries don't actually grow from the little containers we see in grocery stores. ;)

We've eaten ALOT of berries this weekend. We even made blueberry pancakes. Can't say I really like cooked blueberries. We planned on freezing some of the Strawberries but ended up eating way more than we thought. I did say we ate alot of berries, didn't I?

My little Mr. had a baseball game this weekend. They won. I'm glad. His team has been struggling a little so this win meant alot. My little guy plays with so much heart & integrity, win or lose. It's really quite inspiring.

Aside from that we are still working on our Kitchen renovation planning. I've got to tell you I'm becoming quite the expert on faucets and sinks. More on that soon in my Renovator's Notebook.


These two always make me smile.Β It's been a lovely week. Thank you.