Homemaking Modern: Lighting (the free kind)



{picture of my backyard with tons of sunlight}

So often when reading or talking about designing a home what's focused on are the items or furniture that we use to decorate. Yet much of what makes a home a home is that untangible aspect that you can't quite describe but that makes you feel nurtured, & comforted.

As I mentioned in this post if I could only have one thing in my home it would be to have an abundance of natural lighting. I find natural light streaming through lots of windows to be magical and creates an atmosphere that feels uplifting and energizing.There is no artificial lighting that can quite compete with the beauty of sunlight to create a feeling of happiness and warmth in a home. Clinical studies have even demonstrated that natural light has the power to enhance our health and feelings of well-being.


{my dining room}

I live in a relatively small home, just under 1400 sq. ft., yet my family and I are so fortunate to have lots of windows with stunning natural light that makes our home appear much larger than it actually is. During the day, it is very rare that we ever need to turn on a light. My Mr. often says he feels like he is living in a fishbowl. I just laugh, pull up the shades and open up the windows letting all the glorious light and air inside...instant happiness!


{a light-filled corner of my home}

Here are some images I pulled from Pinterest  that capture and embody that sense of harmony that light creates.

natural light_1

This home is obviously an architectural gem. Yet, with all the amazing architecture it is the light that is taking center stage. This home is minimal in decor but abundant in light...love!

natural light_3

There is so much to love about this room! Can I get an AMEN for those wooden beams on the ceiling...stunning! No lack of personality in this room with all its pops of color. The light and the shadows created just adds another dimension to the personality of this space.

natural light_5

I found this lovely bathroom on a blog I just came across called Dust Jacket that I am completely smitten with. I am head over heels in love with the way the light is streaming in creating such a sense of calm. I imagine crawling into a claw foot tub with a glass of wine letting the light take me to a peaceful place.

natural light_6

Another gorgeous image I found on Dust Jacket blog of a loft where it's light that fills the space rather than things. Need I say more?

Although I know that not all of us are as fortunate to live in sunny places or have lots of windows that allow lots of light to come in, there are a number of ways of bringing light into your home.

Here are a few...

  • keep your windows clean as much as possible (I very much need to get on this task)
  • If you have curtains or blinds, keep them up during the day
  • consider curtains or blinds that are lighter in color so that they don't absorb the light
  • if possible, open your windows frequently to let the light into your home
  • hang mirrors where they can reflect natural light from windows (this is something I do in my own home)
  • paint your walls a light color and choose lighter, brighter fabrics

So what do you think? I'd love to hear other ways you bring light into your home. Just leave a comment below or start a conversation over on the indobay facebook page. 

“Homemaking Modern is a blog feature that is meant to honor the tradition of homemaking but in a somewhat untraditional, modern sense. It’s about introducing a perspective of gratitude, & creativity around caring for your home.  I have learned that the day to day “chores” do not need to merely feel like distractions or something to dread but can be seen as opportunities to make deliberate, mindful choices to help create a healthy, happy, simple home.”