House Snoop: The Paris Home of Roxane Beis


Bonjour! I'm so excited about today's House Snoop. Today we visit the home of Roxane Beis, a french stylist and interior designer who converted this beautiful space.

There is something so magical and nostalgic about a home that once functioned as something entirely different than what it is now. I can't help but imagine what daily life was like for the prior inhabitants. Hard to believe, but this loft was once a former print shop.

I am always drawn to homes that have an interesting harmony of contrasts such as industrial mixed with softer elements. I believe it takes a talented eye to be able to pair opposites and make them work effortlessly.This home has a perfect play of contrasts with it's mix of white, wood, exposed brick and concrete. Everything blends seamlessly...brilliantly!


If I could have nothing in my home but natural light streaming through lots of windows I'd still be a happy, happy woman. Lovely natural light nourishes and soothes the soul.

House Snoop in Paris on the indobay blog

I'm in love with all the organic, raw materials and the neutral color palette. Perfection!

House Snoop in Paris on the indobay blog

At this time I am in the very beginning stages of my own kitchen renovation. This kitchen is offering me tons of inspiration...simplicity, light, and again, organic, raw materials.

I believe that what makes a home a home is not just the practical and aesthetic elements but that something non-tangible that I can only imagine is the soul of the home. It's the soul of the home that comforts your mind, body and soul. Roxane Beis has created a home with heart and soul so it's fitting that her home would be on a street called Passage Dieux which I learned means "the passage of God".

au revoir!

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