Dear Monday...

whampus Collage Dear Monday,

Hello to a new week! This week begins with me and a root canal today! I must admit I spent many moments this weekend worrying about what this would mean and the amount of pain I would have to endure. However, I can honestly report that it was much better than expected. glad its over!

Looking back at the past week there were so many moments that made me smile. The weather is at the perfect point where it's quite warm but we haven't reached the high levels of humidity yet. There's so much abuzz outside these days. Plants are growing and blooming, lizards are scampering everywhere and birds are really belting it out! Our little bamboo plant that we were sure was not going to do anything has finally starting growing...quickly I might add. This is good.

Not only did we spend time outdoors marveling at all the new growth around us but we also spent time cuddling the kitties. There is nothing like a fluffy friend happy to see you!

This past week I was privileged to work on a custom order. A sweet customer celebrated her year anniversary on Easter and had me create my wooden eggs as a gift to her husband. This made me happy.

I've been itching to try out new recipes. As the weather warms up I'm craving easy, light and fresh meals. This avocado and toast recipe was just what I was looking for. I will be sharing that simple recipe soon.

It's always such a nice feeling to start a new week looking back to all the moments of the past week that made me smile.

Be well,


I hope you all had a lovely week with many moments that made you smile. Any special moments that stand out? Feel free to share in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!