Wellness: A gift for your heart...The Simple Act of Breathing

I had planned on posting something entirely different today. Yet, I heard something in yoga today that really touched me.

Most of you may be well aware of all the benefits of deep breathing for calming the mind and body. Since beginning my yoga practice again at the beginning of this year, I've learned many more benefits such as how deep breathing helps "massage the organs" which is a good thing.

Today my teacher explained how when you  breathe deeply and expand your lungs, the lungs literally MASSAGE YOUR HEART. This thought made me smile.

Dear Heart,

For all the tasks you must perform to keep me healthy, for all the love and gratitude you hold even when I think you may overflow, for the way you sometimes break yet miraculously find your way back to healing all self-lessly without complaints, not to mention the wisdom that resides in this space that whispers sweet support and guidance to my ears...I thank you with an "internal spa day". I will remember to breathe and offer you a well-deserved massage.

Be well,


Today, JUST BREATHE...you and your heart will be very happy!

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