Renovators Notebook: Kitchen Remodel & Some Inspiration Photos


{my kitchen moodboard that shows what we would like the kitchen bar/island to look like.}

So after almost five years of living in our home we are finally going to tackle the kitchen. I feel like we will literally be "tackling" the kitchen since we will be taking down structural walls and non-structural walls to open up the space and make one large kitchen & dining space. I am beyond giddy at the process of taking years worth of ideas, dreams and inspiration and actually making it a reality. CRAZY!

Luckily my Mr. and I have a very clear idea of what we want the space to look like. Concrete, lots of whites and greys and wood will all make an appearance. We have already begun picking cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances. Did I mention how giddy this whole process makes me! I will be sharing the process and our choices over the next few months.

For now here are a few inspiration photos.


I love all that natural light and the white island! We have  brick walls in our dining room which we are keeping and also keeping white like in this photo above. I also adore the white painted wood flooring however, we've decided to go for a "concrete-look" to add a little industrial charm.

concrete look floors

concrete floors

There is certainly no lack of inspiration out there! Between design magazines, Pinterest, & designs blogs, it can become a bit overwhelming at times. However, I'm really working hard at keeping our vision clearly in mind and not allowing myself too many choices. Too many choices in countertops, flooring and the likes basically works against me and slows down the process. Three or four choices in our color palette  and aesthetic and I'm much happier.

I hope you will join me as I continue keeping my renovator's notebook and share some of the process. Wish us luck! :)