Rested and Rejuvenated

bahamas Collage (photos taken by me-Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas)

I'm home again! The Wonderful thing about loving where you live is that as much fun as you have away, it's always nice to come back home.

bahamas Collage2

As we eased into the mornings and the days in paradise, I found a lot of time to just get quiet. This allowed me to be quite introspective during this trip. In between the activities, I allowed myself plenty of time to write and read without interruption...such a treat! There was no television, or an internet connection. I didn't even use my phone except to take pictures. Unplugged we were! Funny how much more time I seemed to have in the day without the distractions of all the electronics.

my trip to the Bahamas

I had such a wonderful time with my family and friends who visited from Portland. I feel rested and rejuvenated. This trip seemed to fuel more ideas than I even know what to do with. I'm ready to work and share.

I hope your week was a good one.