Simply Thought{FULL}: Spring Cleaning for the soul

homeusefulbeautiful1 It's that time of year again...Springtime and Spring Cleaning!

Like I wrote here , I enjoy the tradition of Spring Cleaning.  But this year my focus will be more on cleaning & clearing not only visual but mental clutter.

As I continue moving towards Simplicity there is a level of freedom and joy that I feel. When I begin to live simply and experience these benefits, a domino effect begins to take place. I begin to desire removing more and more distractions so that I can focus on the essentials in my life.

So my Spring Cleaning will look something like this:

  • Remove non-essential possessions in my life. So often we keep things that aren't really benefiting us in any way any longer. Removing some of the non-essentials may even help you rediscover some items that you really love that were lost in the "stuff."
  • Prioritizing my Time-Yoga has become an essential part of my day. When I practice yoga in the morning my day is inevitably better. However, last week I found myself getting caught up in answering e-mails in the morning. Which led to catching up on Facebook. Which led to losing myself in reading blogs in my RSS Feed so on and so on. Next thing I knew I had missed my yoga class. My point is that it's important to understand how much time you really have in the day and commit to doing those things that are truly important to you and make you feel fulfilled. The rest can wait.
  •  Limiting online distractions-This goes hand in hand for me with prioritizing my time. I think the internet is a brilliant thing. I am constantly inspired by so much of what I find online. What I need to work on is staying focused on those things that I do online that will move me closer not further away from achieving my creative goals. I will certainly allow myself time to just "play" on the internet but this is an area where I will need to very mindful and deliberate about how I'm spending my online time.

I'm sure there is more "clutter "I could work on clearing but I think to set myself up for success three is my limit.

Anyone else doing some "non-traditional" Spring Cleaning?

Feel free to leave a comment below or join me on the indobay facebook page and let's chat.

Be well and have a happy weekend! {click photo for source:beautiful hand-lettering by Lisa Congdon}