HomeMaking by Design: Back to Basics

Homemaking Tools for your home  

Here in the U.S. today, March 20 marks the First Day of Spring. With Spring comes Spring Cleaning. For many of us this means partaking in the tradition of clearing out and doing a top to bottom cleaning of your home.

cleaning necessities by Ben Pentreath Ltd. on indobay blog

I'm one of those people who actually like to clean and welcome an opportunity to really get down and dirty! Nothing gets me more excited about cleaning than some new cleaning tools. I feel like a kid again on the first day of school excitedly toting fresh school supplies! But, for those of you who need a little motivation, I think the lovely shop Ben Pentreath Ltd will be just the dose of inspiration to get you in that cleaning spirit!

Here are a couple of links that I thought might also be handy...

From the queen of homemaking herself here is a link to a Spring Cleaning Checklist:

If you are looking to 'green clean'  as well as reduce, reuse and recycle, you will love this link to Treehugger

Happy Cleaning!