House Snoop: The LA Home of Claire Cottrell

Freunde-von-Freunden-ClaireCottrell-6-930x620 I am a confessed "house snooper". If I happen to see a home that I think is lovely I will make every effort to walk by that home more times than I care to reveal. I especially love walking by at night where I might catch a glimpse of the prettiness that I am just certain dwells inside.

When I find a beautiful home in a magazine or online that features pictures of the inside my heart starts to beat a bit faster. It may even skip a beat or two. Such was my reaction to this lovely house owned by Claire Cottrell that I found over on the Freunde von freunde site.

Besides all the obvious details such as all that natural light, all that white and wood, what makes this home just so lovely to me is its unpretentious, lived in feeling. Nothing feels too perfect or fussed with. It feels like someone lives here who cares a great deal for their home but doesn't take it too seriously. I'm smitten.

Home of Claire Cottrell on Freunde von Freunde

Home of Claire Cottrell

The Living Space

PicMonkey Collage


You can find more gorgeous pictures >>here<<.

Anyone else a confessed home snoop? Please tell me I'm not alone on this. :)

{all photos from Freunde von Freunde site}