Dear Monday...

images of the week MondayCollage2 Dear Monday,

Hello. Thank you for the start of a new week. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will bring my way!

What a week it's been is quite the understatement. I thought I'd recap all the bits and pieces of the past week that made me smile. However, for this letter I can't forget to mention one significant detail of the week.

This week our home was broken into. I could dwell on the fact that ALL our electronics were stolen. The thieves kindly left our television for us, but that was because it was mounted on the wall with a locking system in place. I can only imagine their disappointment!

Although the break-in SUCKED, I am so grateful that we weren't home when the unwelcomed visitors came a calling. This is a good thing. Also, our dogs were home but in their crates. This is also a good thing. I don't want to imagine what they could have done.

Here are some more good things:

1. This magical tree we found when we drove to St. Petersburg (Florida) this weekend.

2. My boy and Piper. Their early morning snuggle times are something to witness. More magic.

3. Walking Snickers the Beagle. He struggles a lot when he sees other dogs. This walk was an exception. I was so proud of him.

4. A beautiful glimpse of Spring in our yard.

5. My new Macbook Pro to replace the laptop that was stolen. Not too shabby a replacement if I do say so myself.

6. Thinking my boy is growing too quickly and then watching him sit on his dad's lap just like he always has.

7. A beautiful day by the marina.

Looking forward to another week full of smiles. Take care til the next time.